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Liz Loughran, Director

Liz Loughran, Director

Liz has experience of working for private and public authority developers. She advises on planning applications for strategic and other developments including mixed uses, housing developments,  tall buildings and infrastructure.  Liz has project experience of major  developments advising on the effect of regulation as well as policy.

Liz has experience of property and commercial transactions where environmental risks and liabilities feature. All planning applications submitted to date consented. We have a good record with planning appeals.  We highlight risk realistically to assist with commerical strategies.


Planning our cities, towns and communities should be a democratic, creative process involving discussion and negotiation. We believe in innovative and inclusive development that can endure and adapt. We support urban development that promotes:

  • More affordable housing and decent space and amenity standards

  • Integrated and sustainable transport systems including better cycling provision (improving air quality)

  • Maximising housing opportunities with infrastructure planning

  • Energy development that reduces the effects of climate change 

  • Supporting women in the built environment professions to increase diversity in all aspects of the development industry

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