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Our Clients



Developers, private or public, need to plan for cost effective projects that have public support and are acceptable to decision makers.  Our experience of negotiation covers residential and mixed use developments;  multi-million pound and smaller value developments, hotel, housing development for older people and housing in sensitive environments (AONB, National Parks, backland), retail, Listed Buildings and other structures. E.g. Oliver St James, LCR Ltd, easyHotel PLC.


Advice to Camden Council, Ipswich, Waltham Forest. Separately, engagement with Councils through the application and consultation processes.


Providing services to architects, urban designers and multi-disciplinary companies, often in consortia e.g. AR Urban Design,Clements & Porter, Architecture for London, Wood PLC, vPPR.  



Potential disputes involving the application of the planning process.

surveyors / LAND BUYERS


Providing advice about planning and values affected by the development plan and associated risk.


Advising on neighbourhood development plans and relationship to Local Plans.  Advising objectors in London e.g. Camden, Islington and Hackney residents and business groups, and outside London Neighbourhood Planning Forums or Parish Councils.

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