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Private Sector

Consultancy services to the private sector

Line Planning provides consultancy services to the private sector on development projects, planning applications, strategy, consultation reports, appeals and development management issues. We advise on law and policy and help steer clients to act on a strategic direction. We have diverse expertise to offer in a number of specialist planning areas. We work with built environment professionals including architects, engineers, and sustainability specialists.  Our work with applications and appeals is our speciality.


We offer advice about Government policy including the impact of the National Planning Policy Framework, Local Plans, the London Plan, neighbourhood plans, supplementary and emerging policies.  We can review the effect of case law and how this may affect the planning approach. This helps you to plan ahead with programmes and understand areras of risk.

development management

We include advice on design, conservation areas, heritage buildings and planning procedures. We can bring design solutions to the table and often work closely with architects. We have a very high success record with applications and appeals. Our mix of experience is key to good planning judgement.

inception to completion

We advise clients on proposals from concept to completion. 

We help where projects need independent support with applications, contracts (procurement), negotiations with Councils and stakeholder consultations.


We carry out and support public consultation exercises and guide or  produce Statements of Community Involvement.

Business to business (B2B)


Line Planning competes with flexible services. We believe in the power of creativity and collaboration and have trusted partners.  We deliver projects that have support and are acceptable to decision makers.

what is the agenda for 2019-21?
  • Greater accountability in the planning system

  • Making planning more accessible

  • Changes to affordable housing delivery and viability assessments

  • New reform to promote arbitration and mediation

  • More measures to meet environmental challenges and urban growth