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We provide planning support for public and private infrastructure developers. This includes rail development, pipelines (utility networks), flood defence schemes and airport-related development.


Collaboration and joint venture


Infrastructure planning requires joined-up public and private sector thinking.  Budgets are stretched, planning regimes have changed, and local authorities can engage and plan for energy delivery. Line Planning can bring these two sectors together. We combine our skills and knowledge to navigate the environmental planning and decision-making processes, deal with regulatory compliance and set up communication and consultation structures.


The scientific and cultural issues must satisfy the relevant policy tests and legal process. We work with technical experts.


Project collaboration

Collaborating with the engineering and technical expertise is essential to produce the outputs for successful project acceptability. 


Line Planning can help you to identify risks and opportunities along the development path across a range of developments including:


  • Rationale for site selection including studies of alternatives

  • EIA screening and scoping 

  • Environmental consents, including consultations with the Environment Agency and heritage bodies

  • Site sensitive areas with landscape, habitat and archaeological designations

  • Pre-application steps and responses to stakeholder communications

  • Suggestions for design iterations and production of Design and Access Statements

  • Recommendations for planning strategy relating to phasing of development

  • Climate change mitigation and resilience

  • Waste and contaminated land issues

Millenium Bridge to St Paul's Cathedral
previous project experience

High Speed 2: preparing proposals for mitigation measures,  programme co-ordination across  Council. Negotiating with HS2.


Crossrail: preparing applications for reserved matters and environmental requirements authorised by the Crossrail Act 2008. Making additional planning applications. 


Advising on land ownership issues and statutory processes connected to water and waste transportation, evaluating noise and vibration and risks associated with tunnelling.


East London Line: preparing a successful legal case to the Court of Appeal to defend the grant of planning permission for the railway line including European law arguments about environmental impact assessment.

Thameslink: advising objector residents in the London Bridge area leading to revision.

Roads: Reviewing the environmental case for major road schemes including motorway development at the M3 and the A34  (Newbury Bypass).

Energy: Patnerships for Renewals: wind turbine development, Northants.

Surrey County Council: preparing a public inquiry to defend Council’s  refusal for planning permission for oil and gas exploration.

Water management: Planning services for flood defence development; planning advice for new pipelines.

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