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Our Experience

Much of our work is London planning – we have project experience throughout England, providing services for the business community in the private and public sectors.

Planning applications

Major projects for private and public sector. Domestic and estate development where specialist planning expertise is required.


Planning appeals

Prepare appeals on acceptability of development e.g. scheme design, volume, heritage response and scope of community benefits; Advice on appeals relating to Enforcement Notices;  defending infrastructure schemes where there may be planning and  legal issues.

Appeal experience includes  challenge to tall towers in London (townscape assessment), defending rail and flood risk schemes, challenging basement development in residential schemes, challenging oil exploration (harm to land and water at risk).



Planning application reviews

Reviewing planning applications for public authorities; negotiating S106 Agreements.

Policy advice

Advising Councils and developers on longer term strategy to support policies for development plans including  the London Plan and draft Local Plans, with representations and submissions through to Examination in Public with the Planning Inspectorate.


Advising developers

Advising on proposals for  developments including mixed uses,  housing development, civic and community uses, masterplan proposals.

Stakeholder engagement

Stakeholder engagement on behalf and with developers regarding mixed use proposals and policy regarding location of tall towers in London.

Heritage submissions

Heritage submissions to Ministers on behalf of the Mayor of London; planning applications for Listed Buildings and Conservation Areas.

Advising committees
and panels

Making submissions on schemes to Planning Commitees and Design Review Panels; engaging with Scrutiny Committees.

Advising membership panels on professional issues  including the Association of Consulting Engineers, the CBI.


Representations to Government

and Professional Institutes

Advising on the effects of High Speed 2 (HS2)

Advice to Camden Council on mitigating harm to the Council's commercial, residential and school estates.

Consents for Rail

Obtaining planning and environmental consents for Crossrail Ltd across London. Defending East London Line development for LB Tower Hamlets & LB Hackney.


Wind farm consent, pipeline development, and site assembly.

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